White Space

white space

In web design we often use the term white space.

We define white space as all the areas around an element that are left unused.

Liberal use of white space is one of my favourite design techniques. Whether on the web or in the home, I’ve always favoured a minimal aesthetic. One that is free of clutter and distraction.

As designers we use white space to draw the user’s focus towards the priority content and sustain it there for longer.

And this design approach is something I’ve been experimenting with in my daily life.

I’m realising that (especially) in this modern world where we are constantly connected and on the go, its beneficial to create areas of space in between our tasks. With so much technology vying for our attention, it’s easy to trick ourselves into thinking that we need to be busy all the time.

Creating space in our lives can be physical, like decluttering our workspace or getting rid of some things to create more room in the your home. Other space might be less tangible, like allowing for 10 minutes meditation time every evening, or turning off the notifications on our phones.

Giving ourselves some breathing space in between tasks creates a more balanced daily experience and concentrates focus towards the things that really matter. Don’t feel pressured to fill up every minute of your day. Allow time to truly switch off and disconnect.

Then the priorities in your life will get the focus and attention they deserve.

Some ways I have been creating more white space in my life include:

As I experiment with ways to create space in my life, my actions are becoming more intentional. Thats not to say that every minute of my day is scripted, I just allow myself real down time when its needed, knowing that when I’m working I’ll be far more focused and productive.

As ever it’s about finding balance, and creating more white space in my life is certainly helping.