Tuesday Night Racing!

BC West Thames #1

Spring is here and the clocks have gone forward, which means we get an extra opportunity to suffer on a weeknight as well!

Tuesday 10th April was the first BC West Thames evening crit of the spring. With fading light being an issue for the first few weeks, these races are usually short, and fast from the off.

I don’t have a lot to write about this one. Knowing that it would be a fast race I planned to stay in the front third of the field throughout the race as I knew that being in a good position would be key. Staying towards the front meant burning a few matches and chasing lots of attacks in the early stages.

BC West Thames Crit - sam hodges

Being active early on and reacting to attacks

I rode the race as I wanted to right up until the final few laps where I slipped towards the back of the field as the pace began to ramp up for the finish. Maybe it was tired legs from covering all the early moves? Maybe it was a short lapse in concentration. It was probably both.

Going into the bell lap I was towards the rear of the bunch but spotted a gap on the right hand side of the circuit. My only chance of a result at this stage was to move up now, but it would cost me. To move to the front of the pack I put my nose into the wind and pushed over 800W for a few seconds until I was at the sharp end of the race again. I was now sitting 3rd wheel but that short dig to move up had really stung the legs after all the earlier efforts, and I only faded from here till the end of the race.

By the time we were approaching the final corner and gearing up for the sprint, I must have been in about 20th place and with a top 10 finish looking very unlikely from this spot, I sat up and decided not to contest the sprint.

A disappointing race, but more experience and more fitness.

On to the next one!

Total time: 41:17
Average power: 264W
Normalised power: 299W

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