My new space, in a world of online clutter

Hello and welcome to my new look blog!

My goal was to create writing space that was free of all distractions.

Just like life, the internet can be very busy and distracting. Video banners, large images, animations, social sharing and advertising rule the online space. I hope that my little corner of the internet will provide a refreshing break for you, away from the usual online hustle and bustle.

I wanted something that was clean, minimal and readable. There is nothing here that does not need to be here.

This is a space where we can focus on words, and hopefully you will leave with some value or inspiration.

My goal is to write more. I’m not talking about recipes or race reports like I have done in the past. I’m talking about good old fashioned writing. I’m not bothered about keyword counts or marketable content. This is a space to communicate my thoughts and ideas with you. I might write about self-improvement, veganism, cycling or web design. Hopefully some of you will find value in what I say, and we can continue a conversation.

I’m excited to begin using this new space. I hope you enjoy what I share and find that this new look is a breath of fresh air in an online world of clutter and distractions.