Full Gas Winter Series #10

Hillingdon Full Gas Winter Series #10 - 2018

No racing for me this week which was a shame with the sun making an appearance and temperatures creeping up into double figures for the first time this year. Still, was a nice chance to spectate from the sidelines and get a few snaps with the trusty G7x.

Hillingdon Full Gas Winter Series #10 - 2018

Better conditions than last week!

It was another good early-season turnout from the SD Racing boys, with Dutts, Si, Johnny and Darren all taking the start for the 3/4 race. Craig, Kenny and Captain Eddie were representing in the E/1/2/3.

Hillingdon Full Gas Winter Series #10 - 2018

Johnny taking a dig off the front


Hillingdon Full Gas Winter Series #10 - 2018

Mad silhouettes

The 3/4 race played out as it usually does. The pack rode together for the first 20 minutes before several failed breakaway attempts began attacking off the front. Unfortunately one of our riders – Si got caught up in a silly coming together at the top of the small hill which wasn’t his fault. He landed hard and found out in the early hours of the next morning that he’d fractured his hand and will be off the bike for a few weeks. An annoying end to a run of good from he’s been enjoying.

Hillingdon Full Gas Winter Series #10 - 2018

Bad day for Si who ended with a fractured hand and sore arse

None of the attacks stuck and eventually it came down to a bunch sprint, which unfortunately featured a huge crash coming off the final turn. One rider stayed down and was taken away by ambulance. Not sure who he was but wishing him a speedy recovery.

SD Racing came away 2 riders in the top 10, with Darren taking 5th and Dutts in 7th.

I couldn’t stay for all of the E/1/2/3 race that followed the 3/4s, but it looked like a strong field with a 2 man breakaway forming almost from the gun. Kenny rode hard to get into the break and take 11th, with Craig and Eddie driving home the chase group behind.

All being well, I’m back racing next Saturday. See you then! ????