My February Training Plan


Firstly, welcome to my new look site. I am in the process of migrating everything over from my recipe blog ‘Eaten by Sam’ to this new space where I begin to share more of my cycling training and racing journey, while still posting my personal recipes and nutrition talk from time to time.

Before sharing my training plan for February, let me provide a little background. In 2017 I rode my bike quite a lot. Almost 7000 miles, for a total of 433 hours. Lots of my rides were structured training sessions in themselves, but I did not approach the year with a long-term structure. This year I intend to periodize my training across the whole year, adhering to specific training plans each month and ultimately training smarter.

I’ve just come off the back of a good block of base training in December and January where the focus has been on a lot of Zone 2 and Zone 3 work to build up my aerobic endurance over longer distances. In December I rode 947.2 miles for a total moving time of 59 hours 24 mins. In January at the time of writing (30th Jan) I have ridden a total of 1004 miles and 53 hours 46 minutes.

Moving into February I intend to build upon the past 2 month’s endurance training by introducing some higher intensity sessions and a beginning to work on some race specificity – sprints!


February training plan

The main goals for February are:

  • A top 10 finish in at least one of the first 2 races of the season.
  • Keep the training duration over 10 hours per week.

The things I need to do to hit these goals:

  • Commit to longer sessions on the turbo during the week.
  • Introduce zone 5 intervals to begin working on high-end race fitness.
  • Introduce some sprint specific training.
  • Continue working the longer sweetspot intervals to maintain aerobic fitness developed throughout Dec and Jan.

Looking at the plan for the whole month, the key sessions are going to be the sweetspot and V02 max sessions. Remembering that no training plan is set in stone and other aspects of life might take priority at certain times, I will commit to making these sessions a priority and these ones should not be missed.

All the sessions themselves are achievable and within my limits, the challenge will be making time to hit the 10+ hour duration each week. Focusing on longer Zwift sessions during the week and commuting when possible should help me meet the 10 hour goal.

One unique feature worth pointing in this month’s plan is there are 3 FTP tests in 4 weeks. This is not normal and not recommended! The only reason for this is that I’m helping out a mate with his uni dissertation on the effects of heat on athletic performance. Each session will be at a different controlled temperature so the results will vary each week. Not something I’m looking forward to!

If all goes well hopefully I can get some points in the 2 races this month and stick to the plan and end the month ready to go into spring a stronger cyclist than I am today. 💪🏽