Thanks Content Creators

The internet gives us access to an huge amount of amazing content. And most of the time it’s free.

This is a privilege of living in the digital age.

It’s easy to take for granted the amount (and quality) of online content available at our fingertips and how it can change our lives. I’ve used online courses to learn how to build websites; I’ve watched YouTube videos that have taught me how to train properly; I’ve read blog posts that have guided me towards more mindful living; and I’ve learnt how to these make these amazing vegan patties.

Big up the internet. ??

And thats just scratching the surface. Almost every time I want to learn a new skill, read something interesting, or just watch people ride bikes – the internet delivers.

But none of these things were created by a faceless technology. All of this content was imagined, crafted and launched by a real person or team of people. Real people who are passionate about their subject and have the talent and drive to create something out of nothing, to put online for us to take value from.

To all these content creators, I say thank you.

When I find value in something I’ve consumed online, I’ll contact the person/people responsible, to say a quick thanks. Especially if they have not charged me for it. A simple hello or thanks landing in someone’s inbox might just provide that motivation they needed to keep doing what they love.

I prefer to email people to say thanks. If they haven’t made an email address public, there’s probably some social media contact details. I prefer to email though as it feels more intentional and personal.

An email or tweet to say thanks to someone might even create new relationships and open doors in ways you can’t foresee . Apart from anything, it’s just good manners.