Training and racing bikes

Planning for Base 3

The final stage of winter base training, or ‘Base 3’ starts about 15 weeks before your first priority race. For me, this means that the final phase of my base training begins on the first week of December.

Why I’m not Racing this Winter

This year I’m planning to take a complete break from racing for at least 5 months. My last race of the season was in early September and I don’t plan to race now until early March.

What a 2 week holiday did to my fitness

I’ve just returned from holiday in Bali. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been mostly eating, reading, sunbathing, eating again, and trying not to die from rabies.

Tuesday Night Racing!

Spring is here and the clocks have gone forward, which means we get an extra opportunity to suffer on a weeknight as well!

When you have a plan….

It’s important to have a plan going into a bike race. But what’s a plan if you don’t execute it?

My First Road Race!

Racing crits is fun and all, but road racing is what we watch on the TV and carries with it a certain prestige.


At the end of Feb I decided to stray away from the usual Saturday afternoon’s racing at Hillingdon and try something new.

Full Gas Winter Series #10

No racing for me this week which was a shame with the sun making an appearance and temperatures creeping up […]