Books I’ve been reading

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

i will teach you to be rich by ramit sethi

I should have read this book years ago. Financial advice can be heavy reading, but Ramit Sethi breaks down his teachings into a structured program of actionable steps that have really motivated me to get my money in order. If you want help clearing your debt and investing money in your future then this book is a great place to start.

Freedom Figure

the freedom figure adam fletcher

If you dream of starting an online business and earning a passive income, this book is for you. Adam Fletcher starts off by explaining how online start ups have turned modern economics and employment models on their head, before providing a guide on how you can use this to your advantage to create your own freedom. Essential reading for freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone looking for a way out of the traditional 9-5.

Eat & Run

eat and run scott jurek review

An inspirational story (told in his own words) about how Scott Jurek became the most decorated Ultramarathon runner in the history of the sport. Scott credits much of his success to his plant-based diet and touches on a lot of practical nutritional advice for other plant-based athletes.


minimalism .- live a meaningful life - review

An easy but equally important read that will help you find value in what really matters in life. Ryan and Joshua don’t spend the whole book telling you to sell your possessions as you might expect; rather they focus on teaching you how to live a truly meaningful life.

Untethered Soul

the untethered soul michael a singer - review

This one was a real journey of discovery for me. Michael Singer asks us to examine the big question of who we really are. It really opened my awareness of how we mistakenly identify ourselves in this modern society. Singer explains how our true self is seated in our consciousness and will help anyone detach any anxieties and life a more enriched life!

Everything I know

everything i know paul jarvis

Another inspirational read for creative types like myself. Paul writes in an open and funny tone while providing a valuable guide on how to overcome your fears, launch your ideas, and create more. This book was the inspiration for me to relaunch my blog and start writing more. Thanks Paul.

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