Base training. Done

sam hodges cycling base period training

My base training for this year is done.

Back at the start of December I shared my plans for the final phase of my base training period. Today, 5 weeks later, I’m pleased to be able to look back and say that I made it through Base 3 with almost perfect adherence, not missing any important workouts and even adding in more gym and yoga time than I had initially planned for.

I’ve made significant advances in my aerobic fitness over winter, especially in the last 4 weeks. My heart rate on longer endurance rides is consistently lower than I am used to seeing for similar power outputs and does not creep up over the course longer efforts. See aerobic decoupling.

As well as my aerobic gains, I’m feeling more comfortable (comfort is relative btw) riding closer to my anaerobic threshold for longer durations. This is exactly why I scheduled in weekly workouts in zone 4 during December. They definitely hurt at the time, which must mean they did some good.

Overall I’m very pleased with how my 4 week Base 3 training in December went. Here are some quick numbers:

  • Week 1 | Dec 3 – 9
    • Completed TSS: 837
    • Completed duration: 16h 48m
    • Completed distance: 313 miles
    • Fitness ramp rate: +4
    • Notes: No work this week so was able to focus on longer duration rides with focused specificity.
  • Week 2 | Dec 10 – 16
    • Completed TSS: 964
    • Completed duration: 17h 40m
    • Completed distance: 311 miles
    • Fitness ramp rate: +6
    • Notes: Getting back in the gym this week lifting weights on 2 days.
  • Week 3 | Dec 17 – 23
    • Completed TSS: 659
    • Completed duration: 13h 41m
    • Completed distance: 249 miles
    • Fitness ramp rate: -1
    • Notes: Over 2 hours strength work in the gym this week
  • Week 4 | Dec 24 – 30
    • Completed TSS: 1130
    • Completed duration: 20h 13m
    • Completed distance: 355 miles
    • Fitness ramp rate: +10
    • Notes: Rapha Festive 500

Needless to say, as we ticked over into the new year I was feeling pretty fatigued.

I’ve been keeping the miles ticking over on my daily commutes this week, while riding easy (slow) enough to ensure that I clear as much fatigue as possible from the legs before my next training block begins on Monday.

As of next week I’ll be increasing my workout intensity and training for race specific fitness. More on that to follow.

Have a great week.